Product Manager (Initiative Lead) (QR6884) , Amsterdam

Functie: Product Manager (Initiative Lead) (QR6884)
Start: 2-9-2019, 36 uur per week
Periode: 3 mnd+
Omgeving: Amsterdam

For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Product Manager (Initiative Lead).

Project description:
The Intellichain product was conceived from the realization that our clients’ payment transactions very much reflect their value chains / supply chains, i.e. if they procure something, they will make a financial transaction to pay for it, and if they sell something, their buyer will transfer funds to them.

Using advanced analytics, we can create networks of companies and their connections, based on our proprietary payments data. When we add large-scale news analytics to this, we can match the entities with millions of news and other information sources from the internet to identify and quantify risks.

Together, the payment networks and the analyzed risks from news sources, create intelligence valuable to supply chain managers and procurement officers, i.e. supply chain analytics.

What phase are we in?
Intellichain has concluded the so-called Problem Fit phase, according to our innovation model PACE.

Our Innovation Fund has allocated budget for Intellichain to go through the Solution Fit phase, before going back to the Innovation Fund to discuss the following stage.

Problem validation:
First, the product team did some classic desk research to see what executive surveys can tell us about how much corporates are struggling with identifying and analyzing risks in their supply chain.

Second, and more importantly, we conducted an extensive outreach to our clients to recruit Supply Chain Managers and similar roles for customer interviews. After conducting 11 interviews that proved to be in the target customer segment (segment explained later in the document), we could identify 3 key problems that we would like to take into prototyping (Solution Fit).

What are the deliverables for Solution Fit?
The work in Solution Fit starts with re-activating previous customer contacts, and potentially additional ones. We have a Subject Matter Expert from the Trade department to help utilize our account managers to establish clients connections.

In terms of prototyping, it should be the approach that different functionalities and formats should be tested with customers, and iterated based on their feedback. In this phase, the payments data should still be mock (but plausible), whereas the news analytics should be real. We already have an established partnership with a news analytics vendor, Owlin, who will work with us on this.

In terms of product deliverables, it should become very clear what solution the customers want and will be willing to pay for. The team should hold themselves to specific success metrics when evaluating whether the product should continue beyond Solution Fit.

Moreover, the Innovation Fund has defined the following auxiliary conditions for Intellichain:
- Focus on the BeNeLux market as that is where the competitive edge is (most proprietary data)
- Hone in on what specific value is generated for the customers and why they would pay, incl. competitive prices, cost savings, value of insight, etc.
- Look into using SeMi’s Weaviate or similar Graph technologies
- Evaluate our ability to differentiate from DHL Resilience 360, the most advanced competitive solution that we have identified (Subject Matter Expert WBAA available to do this)
- Look into World Economic Forum TopLink (Subject Matter Expert WBAA available to do this)
- Gather understanding of how fast can this be scaled in the PSD2 space (Subject Matter Expert Trade available to do this)
- Contribute to adjacent innovation project ‘Economic Graph’ (Subject Matter Expert WBAA available to do this)

Staff & timing:
From the point that the team starts working on this, we should be able to deliver Solution Fit for Intellichain, including preparing the Innovation Fund pitch, within 3 months.

Extra informatie:
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