Data Engineer , Amsterdam

Data holds no secrets for you. You prepare the data for use in advanced algorithms and analysis tools. Improving our business starts with you as a data engineer.

Over two billion records. Randstad, Yacht and Tempo-Team possess an enormous quantity of data: the characteristics of millions of candidates and business data on clients, potentials and our own organisation. You open up this information and prepare it for use in calculation models and analysis tools. Thanks to you, all this data results in a wealth of information that helps us improve our business.

What will you do?
Data is only valuable if you make clever use of it. That is why you extract data from various sources and systems, generally following a request from the organisation. Next, you make the data usable. That means you clean it up, format it and present it in the desired format. You also support the development of advanced analysis apps and algorithms and help end users understand and utilise the data and tools. This lets them conduct analyses, draw up reports, detect trends and seamlessly match clients and candidates.

With whom do you work?
Requests and projects from the organisation end up on your desk via the product owner. Next, you work with the individual end users. These include business and finance analysts, marketers, staffing consultants, sales consultants and the management team. It all depends on what the data is needed for. You also collaborate closely with the developers in your team, infrastructure specialists and data analysts from your own and other development

About you
• Strong experience with software development (Python)
• Higher professional education degree in computer science and a passion for (big) data and innovation
• You are able to clear up complex issues and translate them into data and the use of the right tools
• You are solution-oriented in a creative and inspirational manner
• You are a conversational partner and occasional coach for colleagues at various levels of the organisation
• Proactive: you plan your own activities and gather whatever information you need to execute the project
• Experience with AWS (Big) Data services like RedShift, SageMaker, EMR
• Experience with tools like Airflow, Docker, Jenkins, Git, etc.

What do I need?
• Motivation
• Availability
• Holiday Planning
• Hour rate

Trefwoorden: Pyton, AWS, RedShift, SageMaker, Jenkins, Docker


Sarah Goossens
ZZP, freelance, interim vacature
In Overleg
start project:
duur opdracht:
6 maanden
uren per week:
40 uur
08-05-2019 13:00:04
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